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Free basic features for early access supporters

The range of functions of the first release, as described under “Early Release Features” will remain free of charge for all that register until the 31.12.2019. We will inform all subscribers three month in advance before the first roll-out is released.

Customers that help us to develop new solutions will receive a free of charge configuration and free features.

If you help us to develop reusable solution templates, these will be made available to you for free. Should we find your solutions applicable as a template for other customers, we will configure Tag#Objects according to your needs. In return we would use your input to create a standard solution that can be applied in similar business operations.

Should you make us aware of completely new fields of application for Tag#Objects that could be put into an add-on, we would show our gratitude, by providing free usage of fee-based features.

Great flexibility through additional functions, features and modular preset building-blocks

Functions and building-blocks will be added in later releases. These releases can be bought at a relatively low package-price starting 1.1.2020 either in a monthly plan or for a whole year. 

These packages can be added or removed.

We will use standard billing methods such as credit-card , direct debit or Paypal and provide electronic bills online.