Recruiting, Headhunting, Human Resources Consulting

With Tag#Objects you can find your resources faster.

Whether it is the right candidate, the documentation of hiring-projects or efficiently controlling the communication with customers and applicants over a variety of different channels – Tag#Object has got you covered.

Tag#Objects offers:

  • Simple segmentation of contacts and positions through freely customizable characteristics:
    • Groups of customers
    • applicant status
  • Quickly browse and search in positions, data of customers and applicants.
  • Match contacts with positions and projects.
  • Simple handling of integrated communication media such as telephony, email, etc.
  • Mapping shared responsibilities within the search-team.
  • Highly performant, list-based  reporting tool with complex evaluation options.
  • Great user interface combined with excellent user experience.

Tag#Objects organizes:

  • Contacts of customers 
  • Contacts of applicants 
  • Contacts of partner businesses 
  • Leads 
  • Positions and projects