The idea for Tag#Objects

Headhunting, business process consultancy and SAP Software: „Thomas Biber“ and his team have been successfully operating on the German market since 2006 and on the Swiss market since 2011. Thomas Biber has been operating as a successful personell consultant and headhunter. Before that he worked eight years as a consultant and project manager in the IT sector and in business-process consulting. Out of these eight years, he spent six at SAP Germany in Walldorf and two more as an executive at Siemens Business Services in Berlin. 

Tag#Objects was created due to the insights and experiences that were made in „Thomas Biber IT Recruitment & Headhunting“. In the first place, Tag#Objects is a software für recruiters and headhunters, working in a highly competitive environment.
Tag#Objects, however, can be applied in all areas, where many different contacts need to be organized and a high degree of automation of communication is required.

Headhunting is contact management:


The performance of a successful headhunter is based on the number of expedient contacts that are at his disposal. That means being able to provide your customers with the best applicants and want-away applicants with the best employers. Successful headhunting consists in matching the complex needs of customers with highly individual recourses (applicants). The goal is to initiate, moderate, supervise and of course conclude successful contract negotiations. This requires cooperating individually with a large number of contacts, whereas one has to keep the expectations of the involved in mind without neglecting the efficiency of the process.

Why Tag#Objects ?

Tag#Objects was created to face this challenge and offer a better solution, than the current deficient software on the market.
The system is based on a simple data model that features data objects that are almost 100% freely customizable and can be applied to other fields than headhunting as well (real estate agents, craft businesses, agencies and small trading enterprises)

Tag#Objects is a generic, highly customizable contact- and project-management system that is not restricted to branch-specific processes.

Tag#Objects offers the best solution for all those whose business success depends on mapping large quantities of contacts by individual criteria, combined with goal-driven communication. Whether these contacts consist of customers, applicants, internal or external staff or others – TAG#Objects has got you covered.